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About Us

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The Director of Guilford Youth & Family Services is the Municipal Agent for Children in providing support, coordination, planning, development and implementation of broad-based services and multi-faceted programs. 

As a town-based agency, Guilford Youth & Family Services strives to enhance the necessary skills, strategies, and opportunities for  youth in establishing strong and positive relationships with family, school, peers, and the community.  

Guilford Youth & Family Services, a helping agency, has provided supportive services to youth and their families since 1977.  There is a professional staff dedicated to serving the needs of Guilford children, youth and their families, with emphasis on the link between youth, family, and community.  

Staff collaborates with parents/guardians, police, school, and community members to develop appropriate programs to best meet the needs of youth and their families.  

GY&FS receives its primary funding, support, and endorsement from the Town of Guilford and the State Department of Education. Additional monies are obtained from local, regional, and state grants.

Our Staff
Lyne Landry, M.A. - Director
Cathie Zampano, LCSW - Clinical Director 
Karolin Regan, LCSW - Program Director 
Michael Kosko, B.A. - Youth Prevention Specialist
Tracy Nagy - Administrative Assistant
Paul El-Fishawy, MD - Consulting Psychiatrist
Robin Klatzkie, LCSW - Clinician
Susan White, M.S., LPC - Clinician
Sara Duggan, LMSW - School-Based Clinician at GHS
Sophia Didiano, LMSW - School-Based Clinician at Adams
Buddy Toth, M.S., LPCA - Clinician
Leah Foster, LMSW - Prevention Coordinator/Clinician